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Any youth interested in our Yukon Apparel Workshops let us know.

We offer graphic design projects that can help with promoting your works of art.

Yukon Apparel DIGICamps

Often youth sell their original art, this can be good or you may be loosing out in several financial opportunities. Did you know your art can be licensed and not sold? Our program teaches you how to digitize your art so that it can be applied to prints, promotional items, canvases, murals, T-shirts, art cards and more. Our online store can also help youth sell their digital works. Stop in and see how your work can be added to the shop.

Yukon Apparel's Print Workshop

Digital designs for the following equipment. Large format printing, Direct to garment T-shirt printing, Laser etching, and silk-screening

Youth Art Wall Program

Ever wanted an art show? Yukon Apparel can help you reach your goal. They offer the wall space, can work with you to design and print invites and even help host the event in their store. The program is on-going, please give us a call to schedule a conversation.

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A Proud Partner with Youth Of Today Society

In 2016, Youth Of Today Society partnered with Yukon Apparel to develop several new graphic workshops, skills training with youth, and to provide a brick and mortar store space to publicly display youth works of art. Support from CYFN, KDFN, local business each agreed that youth need more opportunity to stay up to speed with the current landscape of technology. Through graphics programs funded by CYFN, youth acquired graphic design equipment to assist with this process.

Yukon Apparel houses over 500 works of art that have been digitized and edited to suit printing opportunities. Youth gain commissions for their work for every sale as a supplemented income support.

If you have youth who may be interested in this program please contact us at Youth Of Today Society to see if this program can assist your artistic journey.

Please see Yukon Apparels Story

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