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Yukon Live Streamed Hip Hop Event

October 16th/2021 7pm-10pm

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Human Rights Pre-release Event Bios

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Simone Thiessen-Bishop (a.k.a. Shaka204) is a self-taught lyricist and hip-hop music producer born in Winnipeg, MB. Her works are available on popular streaming service such as Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Youtube and many others. She is passionate about helping others and is currently creating programming for at-risk youth to find themselves through creative expression. 2015 she participated in the Alianait Arts Festival in Iqaluit, Nunavut, and placed 3rd overall for her performance of her first single “Choices”. She has travelled across Canada in pursuit of the perfect place to call home and is currently a Multimedia Communications student at Yukon University. She owns e2 Music N’ Events and plans to keep developing her business platform while continuing her studies.

Jared Dulac, is a member of the Kluane First Nations located in the Yukon Territory and has been residing in the Burwash Landing for 4 years. He has been a lead advocate of reappropriating Indigenous Culture through short films for Kluane and Champagne & Aishihik First Nations citizens in the Yukon.
  He has made a mark within the Territory to capture his culture through the means of motion picture. He is also an active environmentalist for the KFN citizens as; representative of the Forestry Committee, retired leader for the Wildland Forest Fire Management KFN crew, and filmmaker of various documentaries about the Kluane Region around the effects of Global Warming. The Prairie Climate Center has accepted Jared into one of their lead roles for post production, and is currently working at home for their upcoming documentary to be presented on Netflix. Jared is currently preparing for the position of Councillor for KFN’s Chief and Council and has a set agenda for the next few years to focus on the eco-tourism of the community and well-being of his KFN citizens. His concern for the community is constantly growing and a need for change is imminent, his direction for selfsustainability extends to not only traditional foods and agriculture preservation but to small businesses that could better stimulate the economy. He also sits as Manager for Public Works and Municipal Services, the source of community maintenance and improvements. Preparations for community development is not only the key aspect of the PWMS department, but also the most challenging. “High demands and not enough hands”, is a summarized description of our current status, Jared hopes to change that outlook for the foreseeable future as Manager.


Jessi Hall is a singer/song-writer born in the summer of 92’ in Abbotsford, BC. As the fifth wheel of the family, she struggled to find her place among athletes and academically high-achievers. Music provided her with an escape from a hectic household. She began writing poems, lyrics, as well as melodies on piano from a young age, before receiving her first guitar at 16.

The Fraser Valley is notoriously known as the Bible Belt, and fittingly, her love of music lead to opportunities to sing and play guitar with other young adults from her church. She spent the first 22 years of her life in the same town (and even the same house!) Before making a big move to Iqaluit, NU. Since that leap of faith, Jessi has lived and worked in 6 different Canadian provinces and territories, expanding her heart and mind beyond her conservative upbringing.


Music continues to be an essential tool of expression and healing in her life. Over the last year, since settling in Whitehorse, Jessi has been able to pick up the guitar again and finish several songs that have been years in the making. She is excited to step out of her comfort zone this month for her very first gig.


Erik Irwin, better known as Bonez is a rapper, songwriter from Madison, WI. At a young age it was his best friend who gave Bonez his nickname, now stage name. While roasting each other, his guy stated that he looked like a bag of bones, and the rest is history. Bonez abrasive sound stems from a turbulent childhood, marked by poverty and abuse. The middle of five children, it was his oldest sister who first introduced him to hip hop artists like Wu-tang clan, DMX, Tupac, Notorious Gig, Outkast, Nas, and Ludacris.

At age 14 Bonez started writing songs as a way to express his emotions and taking part in freestyle battles while at school. It was then that he was gifted his first piece of recording equipment and began recording and producing his own music, and it wasn’t long before it became his passion. At age 18 he moved to Canada for what was supposed to only be a year of school to stay out of trouble, where he met and married the love of his life and started a family. With the responsibility of being a young husband and providing for his family, Bonez put his dream for music aside. Never fully stopping he continued to record and occasionally taking part in the thunder bay battle scene, Smoked Out battles and mic fights, and mentoring his friend and rapper Feller. Bonez is more determined and hungrier than ever before. His bold, yet fun and easy-going personality and ability to artistically speak his truth sets him apart from the rest. He challenges others to forget what people have to say about you and just get it, just do you.


Vision Quest is a Yukon-based, hip-hop duo consisting of Nick Johnson and Yudii Mercredi. Formed in 2013 after winning Frostbite Music Festival's, "Battle of the Bands," the group has gone on to tour with Joey Stylez and has been nominated for multiple awards including the AMA (Aboriginal Music Awards) Video of the Year. Vision Quest brings high energy to each of their performances with a variety of songs that you do not want to miss out on.

Mobb Diggity and Little Boe is a Yukon-based, hip-hop duo

Photo and Bio Soon

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