Youth Co-Space
Once you've started your business activities, we will be there to support you with product development and client support.
Young entrepreneurs, seeking office/studio space and professional equipment, have opportunity to work in a positive safe environment. The space provides all the amenities plus a creative environment to develop community partners. The studio offers a storefront to sell products, contract opportunities, meeting place and flexible hours to make your business a success. If you’re a new youth art based business, we can assist you immediately.

Yukon Apparel is a partnered business with InnerVibe that works towards supporting young artists and entrepreneurs. Yukon Apparel develops promotional materials for Yukon businesses, provides signage and advertising, printing, silkscreening, direct to garment printing, embroidery and etched works. Youth Co-space participants have access to product making equipment and shop tools to help make their new business a success. Youth graphic design businesses can share office space and utilize InnerVibe tools, access internet, meeting space, photocopy fax and more.

Have a business idea and need a workspace?
Young entrepreneurs
Young entrepreneurs, seeking office space and professional equipment have opportunity to work in a positive safe environment. The space provides all the amenities plus a creative environment to develop community partners. The Co-space offers a storefront to sell products, contract opportunities, meeting place and flexible hours to make your business a success.

Young Artists
If you’re an artist, we provide printing services for reproducing and advertising. We can assist with promoting an exhibition and sales. We can provide tools and equipment to build your creations, set you up in a business course and assist you with developing a business plan.

Yukon Apparel
A storefront where you are able to host art shows and sell your products, there is a small fee, but the funds collected go back into the InnerVibe program.

Do you have a product idea?
If you are wanting to develop a product through our program please contact us and we’ll set up a meeting to discuss the best way to meet your needs. Youth have great ideas… we can help you with your product development.

A place for youth to make art.

Yukon Apparel helps young people make art and make money. Video Wayne Vallevand/Megan Deuling

Posted by CBC Yukon on Wednesday, January 20, 2016
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The Young Adults Employment and Training Program
The Young Adults Employment and Training Program (YAE&TP) offers a comprehensive training system composed of life skills, job skills, and on-the-job training within an environment of support. In addition to this we include education, expectations, goals, community support systems, life skills, self-esteem, job skills training, on the job training, incentives and business development.

The business development portion of this program requires students to have 80% attendance and be willing to start their own business. Students will have opportunity to continue utilizing our arts facility as their base of operations after completing their course. This is to ensure that students will have continued and future support.

Course Objective
• To offer young adults entry level experience developing opportunities to access localbusiness employment demands.
• To train young adults, one on one with job shadowing techniques to assist them with future job placements.
• Young adults will be exposed to group work and gradually be expected to work independently on projects. Proposed timeline being six months.
• For each Student to have an operational business to assist them "financially" in life.

The Young Adults Employment and Training Program is tailored to meet the needs of high risk young adults who have not completed their schooling and repairs the bridge leading them towards a greater probability of returning to school.

The expectations given to the participants at the beginning and throughout the duration of the program are simple, attainable, easy to understand and straightforward. Facilitators ensure that the expectations regarding appropriate workplace behaviour are adhered by the participants throughout the entire program. This will assist the transition from YOTS to the work setting.

Through the YAE&TP participants acquire the knowledge to set and achieve realistic goals. We teach short-term goal setting, while simultaneously instilling a long-term vision. We continue to use goal setting as an integral part of the program.

Community Support System
A supportive community is fundamental to the YAE&TP program. In addition to providing participants with employ-ability skills, YAE&TP also offers referrals to counselling, food, clothing, and a sense of belonging to all involved. YAE&TP ensures that the supportive community offered does not compromise the program’s objectives. Staff communicate to participants that the YAE&TP work-site is not simply a place to hang out. Instead, participants need to actively participate in ongoing projects as well as seeking opportunities for employment after the project ends. Other community support strategies include in-place clients or businesses that utilize our services regularly. Our students receive direct integration with business owners and communicate projects from start to finish. Businesses are sent a survey on how well our students performed on the project they worked on.

Life Skills Training
Despite some participant's tendency to be negative about life skills training, this portion is a necessary and vital aspect of the program. It is in this module that the participants are taught many skills that are necessary for success in an employment setting. A direct link between the life skills and future employment is established as well as increased participation by all of the young adults in YAE&TP.

Self Esteem
Participants of the YAE&TP have a marked increase in their perception of self-esteem levels.

Job Skills Training
YAE&TP effectively teaches participants the technical skills required for computer graphic designing. Past program results indicate that participants acquired a lot of new skills and had a chance to refresh previously learned skills. We continue employing the hands on teaching method used for this module.

On-the-Job Training
The on-the-job training portion of YAE&TP offers a transition from classroom work to employment in a supportive environment. Evaluations are used as a tool to inform participants about behaviours that will not enable them to succeed in the work force, not just as a way to boost participant's self-esteem. Students will gain knowledge through job shadowing and personal experience of what an employer will expect. Skill development training will involve; arriving to work on time, being responsible, food preparations, serving clientele, youth centre maintenance, ordering supplies, using a cash register and handling money, writing invoices, talking to clients, utilizing wood working tools, learning to paint, and most of all how to relate to co-workers and employers.

Course Activities
• Computer design assistant (training)
• Design and manage youth programs
• Art workshop assistant
• IT tech assistant (training)
• Advertising/Marketing (training)
• Assisting with general maintenance
• Assisting with special projects
• General office duties and office tech (training)
• Product Development
• Creating and building an office environment
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