Youth Of Today Society's youth centre provides technology education and tools for expression.

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The InnerVibe Community Art Centre
InnerVibe Community Art Centre recognizes the need to compliment traditional, visual and performing youth artists by engaging them with technology design to further explore their artistic expression and opinions. With the development of a multi-cultural youth advisory council youth will be engaged in reconciliation and creating space for diversity. The youth council will support an ongoing number of youth engagement activities such as connecting with elders, technology design and integration workshops and art shows, providing youth from Yukon communities the opportunity to work together, and share learned skills and techniques with others while leading and developing special events for National Arts Month and community forums. With additional funding a sustainable community art studio, where young, creative emerging artists will have the opportunity to create, share, and capture their visions through mentorship and a series of training, networking with other youth arts partners, and becoming leaders in their communities.



DigiCamp provides youth with a series of workshops that promotes photography, graphic design, animation and video arts

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Empowering Young people for a better tomorrow.

Providing design training and programming to improve and develop skills in teens and young adults . These Digital Camps will teach all the needed techniques and principals that will equip them for any venture in art, design, product production and sales.

Each course will cover every aspect of creating pieces of artwork or products that can eventually be sold. Artwork will be produced on a variety of mediums, including T-Shirts, Wood, Canvas, Vinyl , Paper , mugs, digitally for advertising purposes and more. Students will understand designing for xerox printing, laser printing, etching and t-shirt or apparel printing.

Students will also learn the basic principals of color and photography basics. With this knowledge the use of editing in Adobe Photoshop will be an asset. So, we have included in this course outline a beginners practical study in the magic of compositing and digital painting in Photoshop. A more thorough course in Photoshop will be offered at a different time for interested participants.

Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator will also be offered for those interested in learning more about how to digitize their original artwork and use them in different publications, including, books, magazines, and other marketing items, like Posters, Banners, Business Cards and Flyers.

This Digital Camps will be held at the Youth of Today Society's Creative House on Ogilvie Street and at Yukon Apparel Studio which will be the hub of learning for those that are interested in producing Items for sale later on. As an environment where artist gather and display their artwork, Yukon Apparel will give these budding artists an inside look and practical application of how local artist work and utilize their skill.

Class sizes are small for personal attention. All courses will be announced.
Drop In Classes will be available for anyone on any level throughout the year. Details will be announced on the Youth of Today Society Facebook page .


Public art provides youth employment, protects building from graffitti and demonstrates our diverse community.

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This project has the ability to promote reconciliation in the community by providing greater cultural understanding of First Nations voices and issues for all community members and bring the First Nations community together to support the next generation. Programs are based in creating a strong connection to culture and a discovery of self, and empowerment through artistic expression and skill building.

Empowering young people for a better tomorrow. Giving high-risk youth alternatives in life through conversation and artistic expression. Our intention is to foster and support multiple forms of expression to allow for various demonstrations of youth voice in the shaping of the mural project. Participants will have access to a variety of experiential ways to allow for multiple ways for self-expression with operative space and technology.

The community impacts of this Mural Project are several fold. The Youth of Today society works with our community's most marginalized youth. Many struggle with addiction, are living in care or homeless and have had encounters with the justice system. This project applies best practices in justice and health to apply cultural connection, intergenerational relationships, self-reflection, and skill building to support the mental health and well-being of participants, increase employability, reduce homelessness by providing youth with the tools to earn money and support themselves. Programs that focus on building on strengths, connection to culture and to Elders engender pride in one's self and one's culture and instil skills for resilience and wellbeing as well as the ability to bounce back from adversity. Providing our most vulnerable youth with these skills will improve community health and well-being for generations to come.


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YOTS - Open 12pm - 8pm (Mon-Fri)
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Yukon Apparel Open 9:00am - 5:00pm
NorthStream Studio Open 3:00pm - 8:00pm

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